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5 Star Reviews

The book is high on humor, sarcasm and witty one liners. The twists and turns in the story are handled really well. All in all, The Jeera Packer is a perfect balance of action, drama, and intrigue.

If anyone is thinking of making a movie based on The Jeera Packer, I’d vote for it.

The Jeera Packer is a fantastic page turner and is highly recommended.

Well Done, Prashant Yadav! Well Done!!

Shilpa Garg

Writer, Blogger, Reviewer

The book is simply a great read. You start with the politics and go through guns and girls and elections and drugs and political inheritance without a slowing of the narrative. You are not allowed to rest or put away the book until it is over.

Manisha Lakhe

Writer, Poet, Founder Caferati Writer's Forum

An extra ordinary suspense-crime thriller with a fusion of politics, crime, corruption, mid-life crisis, and conspiracies which will surely encourage you to its deepest extremes! I selected this book out of curiosity, “The Jeera Packer”, the name caught my attention and I was deeply satisfied with my selection. This is a must read book with intense feelings with all the essence of a Bollywood crime thriller movie.

Jobin Jose

Journalist, Reviewer

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